Innovative Web Creations will not outsource any of our work to offshore companies (i.e., companies or individuals from other countries). We feel that we can deliver the same or better quality at the same or better cost -- no hidden upcharges. In addition, we were born in the United States, and our first language is English -- no language barriers.

Why doesn't IWC offshore?
We won't offshore any of the work that you give us for a number of reasons:

Why should you choose IWC over an offshore company?
Innovative Web Creations firmly believes that you get what you pay for. In a recent article in Software Developer Magazine, they showed survey numbers depicting the difference in quality, as well as the difference in price of dealing with U.S. companies and offshore companies.  The results indicated that 89% of the companies surveyed indicated that the quality was as good as in-house results, worse than in-house results, or even unusable. Other things that were rated included communication, cost and schedule estimation, creativity and innovation, development process, requirements gathering, risk, security, and technical skill. All of these aspects depicted that the outcome from offshoring was worse than using their own in-house staff!

You can find the article, "Offshore by the Numbers" in the January 2004 edition of Software Development magazine. If you have difficulty seeing this article, you may either register with them to see the content or view the PDF file here (141.77KB).

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