Innovative Web Creations has been providing its customers with web-based solutions since 1995. We offer a full range of services from maintaining existing sites to building out complex database-driven web sites. We pride ourselves in personalized service, excellent communication, and high-quality work. We work with our customers, not for them in order to gain a deeper understanding of requirements and to ensure satisfaction with our services.

Web Page Design
Web design services are typically billed hourly. Please contact us for more details. Invoices can be sent by e-mail, fax, or postal mail on any sort of custom schedule. Your hourly rate covers all services -- there are no increased fees for "special services"! Discounted rates are available for individuals, non-profit organizations, and home-based businesses.

We currently offer the following services:

For customers on a tight budget, we also offer the option of using a pre-designed web template as the basis for your site. By selecting a pre-designed template, you get to see what your site will look like before you spend a dime, and you can save up to six hours in the design process. Once you've selected a template, we will tweak it for you and make it your own.

Web Site Hosting
Innovative Web Creations has chosen Pair Networks as our preferred hosting provider to provide you with top-notch hosting services for individuals and companies of all sizes. They offer six different shared hosting accounts for individuals and small to mid-sized web sites, two e-commerce hosting accounts for web sites requiring shopping carts, three high-volume accounts for web sites with high amounts of traffic, and three types of dedicated servers for large companies requiring dedicated resources for their web sites. We would be glad to help you choose a solution.

Our Offshoring Policy

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